Yogi Nectar – Sparkling Live Probiotic Kefir

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Stockists: Byron Shire, NSW far north coast and Australia-wide

  • Raw    Organic    Vegan    Dairy and gluten free

  • Delicious, refreshing and energising, Yogi Nectar is made to enhance wellbeing from the inside out.

  • Farmed and fermented using custom-built state-of-the-art processing methods that recreate the natural, traditional processes, and using certified organic ingredients.

Maintaining a favourable balance of digestive bacteria allows the body great access to nutrients from food. It also provides a more stable environment for the body’s immune system – most of which exists in the stomach. Many factors of a modern lifestyle can adversely affect the critical balance of bacteria within us. Yogi Nectar’s abundance of live, friendly lactobacillus species can provide a fast daily response to nourish, rebalance, support and energise.

See Facebook page for stockists. Wholesale orders are welcome.

‘It is truly remarkable, thank you! It has taken me only 10 days to re-establish a healthy gut with Yogi Nectar.’ – Jaia

‘I drank Yogi Nectar over a 24-hour period and felt a resultant calm and wellbeing and renewed strength.’ – Kitty

Yogi Nectar Probiotic Pty Ltd
Sparkling Live Probiotic Kefir
4/9–11 Towers Drive, Mullumbimby
02 6684 6567


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