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100 per cent freedom! No cravings! A release from all unwanted habits and addictions.

‘David inspired me to let go of my addictions…
in a positive, compassionate and encouraging way, always! I would certainly recommend David to anyone who needs support to change their lifestyle for the better.’
– C

In his years of searching for an escape from long-term addiction, depression and PTSD, David discovered that the element of consciousness was a missing component in sustainable addiction recovery.

From his profound experience, David has developed a unique action-based approach to success in a field short on solutions, surrounded by myths of difficulty and impossibility.

The Vital Choices program is David’s offering to those going through similar challenges. 100 per cent freedom! No cravings! When yoga, meditation, nutrition and support are brought into specific synergy as a daily practice, a dynamic force is released in the individual, awakening and developing their consciousness, setting them firmly on the path to freedom.

David Ward
Life Coach, Yoga Instructor, Addiction Freedom Strategist
Vital Choices
131 Keen Street, Lismore
0447 820 510

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