Synara Chandler, Kinesiologist, Bowen Therapist

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Tweed Heads, Sydney

  • Tailor-made, integrated, neuroplasticity, guided via muscle testing, to balance underlying stressors, trauma and non-serving beliefs systems.

  • Identify personal keys to support and empower soul’s purpose / life direction.

  • Workshops to reduce stress at home and at work, improve life skills and spiritual development.

Holistically balancing mind, body and spirit, Synara uses gentle muscle testing to identify and clear blocks and sabotage patterns, often hidden deep within the unconscious mind and body’s cellular memory.

While comfortably lying on a massage table, negative thought patterns, fears, stress, addictions, relationship and behavioural issues can be addressed without having to relive the pain of the memory or trauma. Gentle or energetic corrections made in a session support integrative changes in the brain (neuroplasticity), allowing the client to optimise their healing potential and recuperation ability on all levels. Synara combines kinesiology with Bowen therapy (gentle body work – not massage) balancing the body to reduce migraine, back, neck, joint pain and sports injuries.

Synara is also a supplier of Young Living Essential Oils.

Synara Chandler
Kinesiologist, Bowen Therapist
54 Caloola Dr, Tweed Heads and 5/55 Gerrale St, Cronulla
0402 001 267

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