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Byron Bay

‘Mason’s Mushroom’s are like tapping into a sacred well of life-force. My partner and I utilise the product in tonic drinks for immune boosting and adrenal recovery. They really help you overcome that wired but tired feeling at the end of the week and quickly zaps away any niggly throats or colds. Highly recommend for those who work in physically or mentally tough jobs!’ – Allie Charles

Founded by health educator and tonic-herb nerd Mason Taylor in 2011, SuperFeast has evolved from a small superfood company into a leading purveyor of the world’s greatest adaptogenic herbs. SuperFeast are committed to pursuing their fullest potential for health; superhuman health! They develop and create their products based on the core value that nature provides the greatest feast.

SuperFeast herbal products comprise the purest, highest-quality, all-natural raw materials extracted in spring water and/or organic rice alcohol. The herbal extracts are routinely tested and are free of all yeasts, moulds, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides, fillers, artificial ingredients, colourings and flavours. SuperFeast don’t sell anything they don’t personally take themselves or give to their families.

4/20 Brigantine Street, Byron Bay
1300 769 500


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