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Suffolk Park, Sydney

  • Drug-free therapy for pain relief – providing the power to manage pain effectively.

  • Proven, non-invasive, medicine-free and natural technology that can be used at home for yourself, family and friends or professionally in your practice.

  • Certified TGA registered genuine RITM devices, backed by more than 35 years of medical research.

  • Leaders in quality professional training service and online support.

SCENAR Byron Bay provides regular training courses and seminars to enhance practical skills in the use of RITM SCENAR Technology for pain management.

Trainer Anna Heiskari is an experienced trainer and educator in the field of biofeedback-controlled non-invasive neurostimulation therapy. With more than 30 years’ clinical experience in pain-relief therapy, Anna has earned a reputation for outstanding results using SCENAR technology as a standalone treatment modality.

SCENAR professional training is aimed at medical and allied health practitioners providing pain-relief management and rehabilitation. The training seminars are designed to assure that the therapist is following the correct protocol and technique using the RITM SCENAR device to provide the best therapeutic outcomes for the clients.

Training courses are held in Beautiful Byron Bay. Anna is also available teach the following courses in a location near you : Professional SCENAR Levels 1 to 3 courses / Neuro – Reflex Point Balancing / Sports Injuries / Womens  Health . Please visit our website for scheduled training dates and further information .

*Anna Heiskari was awarded at the 2017 International SCENAR Confer-ence the Most Successful Trainer 2016

Anna Heiskari
Certified SCENAR Trainer,
Kinesiologist, TFH Instructor
SCENAR Byron Bay
02 6685 4590
73 Caniaba Crescent, Suffolk Park
SCENAR in Sydney eastern suburbs –
mobile service
0432 612 131

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