Sally Roe, Art Therapist

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Byron, Tweed, Brisbane

‘Sally is a gifted and talented art therapist. Her approach throughout is sensitive and connected. I had some incredible “aha” moments as she assisted me to find focus and cut through the mind chatter. I was able to join some of the dots to emerge with new insights and awareness.’ – Chris

As a qualified art therapist and artist, Sally passionately believes creativity is the catalyst for transformation. Art therapy provides an opportunity to express your unique experience, encouraging self-discovery and emotional growth – artistic skills are not required.

An integrative approach accessing parts of your psyche that cannot be reached verbally, using visual symbols and imagery to provide an elemental form of inner communication.

Acknowledging that we are motivated both consciously and unconsciously by our internal landscape, Sally holds the space for you to explore those thoughts and emotions that arise through the process. Reflecting on the artwork prompts insight into those feelings and can stimulate intuitive responses as to how to work through and resolve those issues in a compassionate and supportive environment.

Sally Roe
Art Therapist
0423 615 000


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