Sahar Zadah, Wellness and Life Coach

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Byron Bay, Mullumbimby

Sahar Zadah provides integrative wellness programs, workshops and retreats that take you on a transformational journey of empowerment, connection and discovery of self.

Sahar Zadah’s integrative approach to wellness brings together a wide range of counselling, coaching and facilitation techniques. These are brought together in a unique way for each individual or group. Her programs have a deep foundation and emphasis on cleansing, authenticity and self-realisation. They offer a deepening of one’s knowledge in practical and spiritual skills of meditation, intention setting, self-care practices, yoga and ritual.

With the wisdom of natural therapies, including nutrition and yoga, Sahar has developed the Om Cleanse program. These integrative wellness programs are designed to help you gently detoxify and improve your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The Om Cleanse is an holistic program that includes workshops, retreats, e-book guide, online support and personalised programs.

Sahar Zadah
Yoga Teacher, Wellness Coach, Om Cleanse
Centre for Mind Body Wellness
Office 2/108 Stuart Street, Mullumbimby
0402 456 185

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