Rolfing® Structural Integration

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Byron Bay, Suffolk Park, Uki

  • Rolfing® Structural Integration is bodywork therapy that aims to bring balance back to your body.

  • Rolfing works with the chronically shortened soft tissues of the body, loosening them and allowing your body to find ease.

  • It’s like a deep, slow massage/stretch, in areas of your body that have become chronically tight and short.

Rolfing® Structural Integration is a hands-on bodywork system designed to enhance your physical wellbeing. Rolfing can help you find your ideal, relaxed and aligned posture. It can allow you to move more easily, free of discomfort or muscular tightness. Rolfing can help to resolve painful physical conditions arising from old or new injuries. It may also help you, indirectly, to find a more open attitude toward the world.

Rolfing treats whole-body patterns, not just symptoms. It works at a ‘big picture’ level by balancing the fascial network of your body to make good posture easy and to improve old, inefficient movement patterns. It achieves this over a series of sessions that systematically unlock tight and compromised tissues using slowly applied tissue releases, along with postural re-education.

Jeremy Sutton
Certified Advanced Rolfer®
Suffolk Park
0407 132 921

John Smith
Certified Advanced Rolfer®
0403 494 987

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