Ra’shiym Christos, Spiritual Mentor & Teacher

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Byron Bay

‘Ra’shiym’s work supports you to experience a happy heart, a peaceful mind and a joyful spirit.’ – Andy

‘Ra’shiym’s readings are mind blowing, unbelievably accurate and a profound experience’ – James

‘It had a profound effect on me. I feel touched by the higher truth of my soul, let alone the energy shift from the amazing chakra work and high frequency.’ – Ocha

Ra’shiym supports people in their spiritual awakening, initiations and empowerment through one-on-one sessions and by teaching in groups, events, workshops, and retreats. He has a gift of opening and transmitting from the higher states of consciousness of universal wisdom, truth and love.

Having started meditation at age 11, and following the path of peak performance and consciousness development, Ra’shiym has developed a deep spiritual connection and insight. Ra’shiym accesses the libraries of light and the support of the enlightened realms to guide people in their own healing, empowerment and self-realisation.

It is the power of self-awareness and self-realisation that gives each of us the ability to change our consciousness and our beliefs to release our heaviest karma through forgiveness and love.

Ra’shiym Christos
Akashic Record Reader, Spiritual Mentor & Teacher
Yummy Studios, 1/67 Centennial Circuit, Byron Bay
0421 360 222
www.rashiym.com  soundcloud.com/rashiym-christos
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