Pura Vida Wellness Centre, Brunswick Heads

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Brunswick Heads

  • An oasis of natural healing in the heart of Brunswick Heads.

  • Multi-modality holistic clinic and herbal dispensary with a large range of qualified and experienced practitioners offering physical, emotional, mental and spiritual support to your wellness journey

  • Weekly meditation groups, events, talks, classes.

Lisa Costaganna – Bowen therapy
Dr Shane Eade – holistic chiropractic
Kasey Walker – hypnotherapy, spiritual healing and tarot
Daniel Alexander – kinesiology, herbal medicine
Joanne Farrell – kinesiology
Tomaya Weiser – kinesiology, allergy testing
Lin Bell – kinesiology, counselling, healings, readings, sacred travels
Erik Adams – remedial massage, intuitive bodywork
Kellie Gowen – massage
Julia Rossmanith – Maya abdominal therapy and holistic pelvic care
Angela Upton – naturopathy
Sonja Hicks – naturopathy
Vika Shvachkina – psychology for adults and adolescents
Ayla Garlick – psychology – individual and couples therapy
Varij – astrology and tarot readings

Pura Vida Holistic Wellness Centre
14a Park Street, Brunswick Heads
02 6685 0498


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