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  • Holistic approach tailored to the patient’s needs in assisting the body to restore its natural physiology while achieving optimum health and wellbeing.

  • After diagnosing the systemic imbalances, Northern Rivers Chinese Medicine will treat the underlying cause of your symptoms.

Dr Alli Ehmann is the founder of Northern Rivers Chinese Medicine Clinics. In completing further studies in the practice of Canonical Chinese Medicine, Alli became one of only 60 practitioners specialising in this form of herbal medicine in Australia.

Additionally, Dr Alli has studied with the late Dr Richard Tan, a master of acupuncture and its application for the immediate relief of pain. She has also completed specialised training in cosmetic acupuncture. This treatment restores imbalances in the body while improving your health to look and feel better.

Her down-to-earth, compassionate and warm approach is balanced by her experience treating and preventing a wide range of conditions regarding all aspects of general practice. This includes pain management, women’s health, pregnancy care, fatigue-related illnesses, digestive, stress, mental-emotional imbalances and cosmetic acupuncture.

Dr Alli Ehmann
B.HSc. Chinese Med, Dip. Classical Chinese Med, Dip. Tuina Massage
Northern Rivers Chinese Medicine Clinics
16 Prince St and 49 Commerical Rd, Murwillumbah
0421 515 601


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