North Coast Medical Centre, Byron Bay

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Byron Bay

  • Providing comprehensive medical care for the community of Byron Bay, both visitors and locals.

  • Working together to achieve your heath goals.

  • Combined consultations – in conjunction with a GP to provide integrative medicine, with focused care they put in place strategies to meet your individual health needs.

A modern, established medical practice who strive to provide health care services in a warm and friendly environment. North Coast Medical Centre’s provision of care is directly centred on each patient, offering a multidisciplinary facility, with an array of allied and health care professionals at our finger tips.

Patients are given the opportunity to meet with a doctor and other practitioners in combined consultations. Their practitioners liaise together and hold regular meetings to discuss patients’ care, in line with the highest medical standards. Dedicated staff are trained to take thorough care of your needs. You can relax knowing that you and your loved ones are in exceptionally capable hands.

North Coast Medical Centre
24 Shirley Street, Byron Bay
02 6685 8666
 North Coast Medical Centre


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