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New Brighton

Set in a beautiful location between the river and the beach, the New Brighton Farmers Market is a friendly and relaxed community-focused market, offering the freshest local produce. Seasonal fruit and vegetables, seafood, sourdough bread, pastured eggs, cheeses, tempeh, nuts, olives, spices, coffee, honey and more.

Unlike the so-called fresh produce at the supermarket, which has often been picked days, weeks, or even months before it reaches the shelf, the fruit and vegetables at the New Brighton Farmers Market are grown locally and picked just hours before the market. There is minimal nutrient loss, meaning you are eating healthier, more nutrient-dense food.

Beyond fruit and vegetables, the market also offers healthier versions of other foods – pastured eggs from chickens that have had access to healthy, natural diets; breads made from nutritionally dense stoneground wholewheat flours, raw local honey, unpasteurised fermented foods and freshly made preservative and additive-free products such as dips, baked goods and organic fruit cordials.

New Brighton Farmers Market
River Street, New Brighton
02 6677 1345
 New Brighton Farmers Market 


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