Naomi Tarrant, Cranio Sacral Therapist

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Lismore, Nimbin, Alstonville and surrounding areas

  • Cranio-sacral therapy gently facilitates the natural healing and release of the body, within a space of stillness and relaxation.

  • It works from the central nervous system out to every part of the body.

  • Cranio-sacral helps heal trauma – from physical injury to emotional trauma and beyond…

Naomi has been practicing cranio-sacral therapy since 2003. She enjoys the challenge of helping clients with debilitating injuries, neurological problems, delicate cranio-facial issues and chronic pain. Cranio-sacral therapy uses a deep pressure touch; constant contact with key structures such as the sacrum (or base of the skull) cues the nervous system to relax, release tension and resolve problems.

Naomi offers pre- and postnatal care for women; wellbeing during pregnancy, preparing for labour, to bring on labour; relieve postnatal depression, stress or fatigue; supporting the body’s adjustment to breastfeeding.

And for babies: to ease the effects of birthing on your baby’s body, support the development of the rapidly growing nervous system, enhance sleep and settling.


‘A very positive change from Naomi’s work after many years of pain from an injury’ Johnny Pink

‘My newborn was crying all the time with painful colic.  After a few sessions she is a new baby, calm, content and no longer in pain.’ Emma J.

Naomi Tarrant
Dip Cranio-sacral Therapy
Australian Institute of Cranio Sacral Therapy
Communities Hub Art Space
88 Keen Street, Lismore
0423 927 415
 Naomi’s Cranio Sacral and Healing

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