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  • Myee is an intuitive Thetahealer, spiritual midwife, RN and stained-glass artist, expanding her practice using Young Living Essential Oils.

  • Combining all qualifications for face-to-face, mobile and distant healings.

  • Intuitive interior alignment, coaching and business opportunities.

Myee is a professional RN/RM registered with AHPRA who practises advanced ThetaHealing®. She is also a Young Living Essential Oils distributor and therapist and produces unique stained-glass crystal glass mandalas, sacred geometry windows, lamps, meditation tools and more.

As a midwife/nurse Myee has provided care for a range of nursing clients, women and baby-centred care, incorporating ThetaHealing®, readings, tantra, essential oils and health products. Her primary focus is to coach and heal professional individuals as well as mothers and families via a meditation-based technique to remove blocks, fears, stress and unwanted energies, assisting the processes of birth, life and beyond. Combining these techniques, consults provide specialised intuitive healing, readings and artwork connecting with the divine power to create peace, happiness, wealth and love for mind, body and spirit to evolve.

Myee Stephen
ThetaHealing®, Midwife/RN, YL Oils, Artist
Mobile, face-to-face and distant healings, readings and coaching
0413 768 605
 Myee Stephen 

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