Mullumbimby Comprehensive Health Centre

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  • Medical centre with an experienced team of general practitioners and nurses.

  • Allied health services including osteopathy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, counselling and psychology.

  • Integrated holistic approach that puts patient wellbeing at the heart of the practice.

Mullumbimby Comprehensive Health Centre offers a broad range of medical and allied health services giving patients the ability to access their choice of healthcare easily and readily. Doctors and practitioners at the centre are committed to working together to ensure patient wellbeing and disease prevention.

As well as a team doctors practising family medicine, the centre also offers travel health advice, women’s health checks, IV infusions, musculo-skeletal medicine and chronic-disease management plans. Many of the doctors also have other areas of special interest including nutritional medicine, medical acupuncture and holistic healing practices.

Doctors at the centre work alongside of a team of expert allied health practitioners including osteopaths, physiotherapists, counsellors, acupuncturists, dieticians and psychologists.

Mullumbimby Comprehensive
Health Centre

60 Stuart Street, Mullumbimby
02 6684 1511


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