Movement Zone, Byron Bay

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Byron Bay

  • Mindful movement studio sessions with expert practitioners.

  • Gain new insights on how to move with awareness.

  • Become like a cat moving with grace, ease and springiness.

  • Support your body’s energy levels for today’s lifestyle.

From the moment you step into Movement Zone there is a feeling of beauty and relaxation. They offer training in movement-based therapies that help create fitness, fun and wellbeing. Upstairs is a magnificent crystal museum and workshop space with projector screen available for hire. Sidas insoles and Biomats are available for sale. Movement Zone’s therapists are:

Jan Andrews (studio owner): Gyrotonic®, Gyrokinesis®; Vibrogym – post-natal assessment and exercise, core fundamentals; Kinesiology; Bowen therapy; Oriental/Thai massage; Raindrop Technique®.

Ross Love: Kahuna massage pampering and nurturing sessions.

Glenda Alchemy: Quantum Alchemy healing sessions, human design guidance, readings.

Joe Jurd: Contempory dancer and Zouk teacher – group classes Tuesdays, Thursdays at 7pm.

Mikey Sato: Iyengar Yoga – group classes Wednesdays 5.30pm upstairs with ropes off the wall.

Movement Zone
2/27 Brigantine Street, Byron Bay
Jan 0409 583 977
Ross 0421 399 465
Glenda 0425 562 609
Joe 0421 517 979
Mikey 0410 868 393

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