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From her charming, vintage-inspired rooms in Mullumbimby, Meredith does RAW Energy Balances. Using muscle testing as a diagnostic tool, Meredith works with your own individual natural energy hierarchy to aid the unravelling of reactive energy. Meredith also performs Facial Harmony, a completely natural energetic facelift, which gives amazing results.

Meredith’s clients can’t speak highly enough of her work.

RAW Energy Balance: ‘It was lovely to see you and thank you for the energy correction you did for my partner. For the first time in months a complete calm had come over him and he even seemed to have resolved some of our life choices. By the time I got home, it was incredible.’ – Mani Lemmon

Facial Harmony: ‘When I arrived home my sisters and mother were astonished and could not believe such a dramatic change had been achieved without surgery.’ – Kate Mortimer

Facial Harmony lifts your face and plumps up your skin by promoting free-flowing energy in the meridians of your face and head. Facial Harmony is for men and women and double bookings are welcome.

Phone or email for advance bookings; for spontaneous bookings please call 02 6684 5005.

Paradiso Healtharium
722 Main Arm Road, Mullumbimby
02 6684 5005


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