Melanie Sinclair, Nutritional Medicine Practitioner

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Byron Bay, Suffolk Park, northern rivers, Gold Coast, online

‘I’ve known the importance of a whole-food diet but struggled to get lean and support my strength training. Mel helped me work around food intolerances, autoimmune responses and compromised gut health to achieve my goals. Her knowledge is remarkable … I’ve dropped 6 per cent body fat! I’m feeling the healthiest I’ve ever felt and can’t thank her enough.’ – Liam

Melanie has an exceptional ability to connect with her clients and identify how she can work alongside them to improve their health. With a Health Science degree in Nutritional Medicine, Melanie has a strong focus on addressing nutrient deficiencies, optimising gut health and establishing imbalances preventing an individual from reaching their goals.

During a 1-hour consultation Melanie will use techniques such as: pathology testing (including microbiome analysis); body composition testing (proportion of fat and muscle); food and lifestyle questionnaire; skin, hair, nail analysis.

Collaborations and keynote speaking are other areas in which businesses can utilise Melanie’s expertise. Workshops, presentations, product endorsements and article writings are part of Melanie’s core work.

Melanie Sinclair
Nutritional Medicine Practitioner
BHSc Nutritional Medicine
The Nutrition Effect, Byron Bay
0476 169 550

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