Mandie Kai, Career Transition Coach

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  • Career transition coaching for conscious women changemakers with a passion to make a difference.

  • Discover your calling and start a legacy that creates social change.

  • Be supported in a safe and nurturing space for personal and professional transformation.

When seeking healing and wholeness, you may ask yourself: What is my calling, and how do I make it happen? You burn with passion. You have a deep need to give. But you have reached a crossroads and you feel stuck.

Using a unique combination of eastern and western evidence-based practices, supported by years of professional experience as a university careers lecturer, Mandie Kai at Soul Strategies guides you to discover your passion and release it. You will emerge clear, confident and burning to transform the world, no matter how small or how big those changes may be.

Mandie skilfully helps you navigate your career transition inspired and focused, so you bring more meaning to your life and the world.

Mandie Kai
Career Transition Coach, Soul Strategies
0420 685 219


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