Lynette Tyrrell, Angel Readings & Reiki Healing

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Bangalow, Byron Bay

‘Excellent intuitive ability… great listener with a genuinely empathic nature. Highly recommended!’ RM

  • Angel readings help to bring clarity, truth, hope, love and insights to all areas of your life.

  • Reiki with the angels – energy clearing and healing that’s nurturing, relaxing and uplifting.

Lynette is a wonderful, insightful healer. She loves working with the angels and the healing energy of reiki. Angel Readings provide gentle, loving, clear insights and guidance that help you to understand relationships, reduce anxiety and bring clarity and reassurance about your life path.

Reiki healing helps you to release old patterns, old emotional pain, and heal on the physical, mental and emotional levels. This helps to bring a wonderful feeling of renewal, energy and peace.

Lynette’s background as a herbalist and naturopath is a great foundation for her healing work.

Supporting you to find more love, peace, happiness and abundance in your life.

Lynette Tyrrell
Daylight Healing
Bangalow & Byron Bay
0432 533 686

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