Living Yoga Sanga, Mullumbimby

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  • A vibrant, conscious community for yoga, healing and learning; supporting the evolutionary process.

  • Attracting leading-edge, innovative speakers, educators, healers and inspirational yoga teachers.

  • Regular weekly classes, courses and therapeutic sessions, special events, venue available evenings and weekends for workshops, presentations and more.

Living Yoga Sanga is a warm inviting space in the heart of Mullumbimby. You’ll find a diverse mix of modalities and conscious learning programs open to everyone. They believe in encouraging and embracing diversity and appreciate the richness of difference that exists in our human family, empathising with all types of people, and seeking ways to effectively heal, educate and create a future together.

You can find a session or a class that suits your needs regardless of age, size, gender, fitness, diet or lifestyle. The growing list includes yoga, Kahuna bodywork, Buddhist studies, Buddhist meditation, craniosacral balancing, kind counselling and trauma resolution.

Living Yoga Sanga are creating a community of skilled teachers, practitioners and facilitators who are altruistic and dedicated to their own evolutionary journey.

Living Yoga Sanga
Proudly affiliated with Living Sanga Project
Suite 1, first floor, 63 Stuart Street, Mullumbimby
0422 918 412
 Living Yoga Sanga

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