Lara Yakimishyn, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant

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Byron Bay

  • Lara has a beautiful ability to create food that your body needs.

  • Reconnect to your body’s natural intelligence through Lara’s diagnosis in consultations.

  • Ayurvedic talks and cooking workshops are not only informative but provide practical tools that you can use and integrate into your everyday life.

Lara’s strengths are diagnosis and her ability to develop practical and manageable solutions to support your individual constitution.

She has an intrinsic connection with food and can tailor a specialised eating plan that includes recipes and dietary changes that will help facilitate long-lasting positive effects to your nutrition and daily routine.

Lara teaches fun, informative and tasty cooking classes that will inspire your everyday meals.

Lara will support you in resetting, re-patterning and reconnecting with your own unique constitution. She offers a vitality program that helps optimise energy and boost vitality, and a cleanse program that can help to facilitate in clearing toxins and resetting your metabolism.

Lara Yakimishyn / Yummy Lara
Yummy Studios
1/67 Centennial Circuit, Byron Bay
0424 407 343

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