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Mullumbimby, Melbourne, Online

  • Sensitive, compassionate and skillful help to resolve key issues and live a richer life, in attunement with your essence and gifts.

  • Trauma resolution – attachment/developmental, accumulated stress, shock or abuse trauma or PTSD.

  • Individual, couple and group therapies.

Originally an academic with a background in myth and literature, then a social researcher, Gina appreciates the value of holistic approaches.

Her training as a voice dialogue facilitator, transpersonal psychotherapist, and somatic experiencing practitioner (SEP); teaching and supervising experience (transpersonal counselling and art therapy), work on the Path of Love process, and study of the Diamond Approach to Inner Work (AH Almass) are some threads Gina draws into her clinical practice.

Gina regards healing crises as opportunities for significant growth, and works together with you (as a whole person, mind, body and soul) to resolve underlying causes of issues to help find a richer, more integrated, happier and more peaceful experience of life. This leads to deeper healing, meaning that the impacts of therapy are sustainable and long lasting.

Gina Bloom
TPC, SEP, BAHons, M.Phil, Cert IV TAA
Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing
0404 093 865


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