Julie Lovett, Painting Therapist, Life Patterns Counselling

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When we paint, draw or model we express something of our inner nature and our inner physiological activity. Research within the Liane Collot d’Herbois method of painting therapy has shown that in the relationship between light, darkness and colour specific conditions of health and illness are expressed. Focus on our life patterns brings a possibility for change.

Painting therapy, in this method, differs from traditional art therapy. The client is supported within a warm, nonjudgmental atmosphere to do a series of free paintings or charcoal drawings. From these paintings tendencies towards specific imbalances in the relationship between the activity of light (the nervous system), the activity of darkness/warmth (the metabolic system), together with the rhythmic system (movement) are identified.

Therapeutic exercises in light, colour and darkness are then designed and the client is supported to paint or draw in a way that brings movement and balance. Cancer, anxiety, depression, OCD, asthma are some of the many illnesses painting therapy supports alongside other treatments.

Julie Lovett trained at Tobias in England and is currently continuing studies at Emerald in the Netherlands. Julie has worked as an art therapist for 16 years in Steiner schools, in a drug rehab centre and privately.

Julie Lovett
Painting Therapist & Life Patterns Counselling
Mast. Educ. (Steiner Educ.), Grad Dip Art Therapy (Tobias, England)
Anthroposophical Schooling Course – Life Patterns Training
0411 583 376

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