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Byron Shire

‘Jo’s understanding of the PSYCH-K technique, combined with her generous and giving nature, results in a unique and very special experience that I deeply cherish and can highly recommend to those seeking answers, results and ultimate transformation.’ – Louise Webb

Joanne is an experienced and intuitive remedial and Zen Thai Shiatsu massage therapist with 20 years’ experience. Her personal sessions have been influenced by the self-defence art of aikido and PSYCH-K belief change. Joanne is currently a very accomplished 5th Dan in Aikido and teaches children’s classes every week.

From aikido comes an understanding of the importance of harmony between the mind and body, the power of the mind (where mind goes, energy flows) as well as the influence of its healing and ki therapies. PSYCH-K works with the all powerful sub conscious mind to remove emotional blockages that are holding you back.

Sessions are all about you. Working with the mind, the body or both, leaving you feeling lighter, brighter and more excited to move forward with clarity and ease.

Joanne Martin
Hummingbird Mind and Body Therapy
119 Broken Head Road, Suffolk Park
0409 604 650
 Hummingbird Mind and Body Therapy

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