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  • Increments of 10-minute taster sessions at Byron and Channon Sunday markets.

  • Short relaxation sessions at Kiva Spa 02 6684 4811.

  • Available for a full comprehensive experience at Living Yoga Sanga, Mullumbimby.

  • Available for private group call-outs and retreats.

Kahuna Bodywork was developed by a modern Hawaiian Kahuna, Kahu Abraham Kawai’i, from ancient personal development exercises of the Kahuna navigators. Similar to Tai Chi Chuan in principle and not unlike hula to look at, it is delivered through the art of personal refinement expressed in physical motion.

The result is an organic, fluid style of massage that sweeps through the body using the hands, forearms and elbows to soothe, stretch and release long-held tension.

‘After nearly 20 years of Kahuna training and bodywork applications, Jason is often considered a master of the art. Jason’s bodywork is unlike conventional massage and needs to be experienced to appreciate the difference.’ – Kristen, Yoga teacher

Jason for Bodywork
Proudly affiliated with Living Sanga Project
Living Yoga Sanga, Suite 1, 63 Stuart St, Mullumbimby
0422 918 412, 02 6684 0371 (AH)
 Jason for Bodywork

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