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‘The inner work that ‘Iolani has guided me through has given me a completely unexpected source of strength. She has showed me a way to find all the answers, beauty and clarity inside myself. This has allowed me to step through some very difficult conversations and life changes, with so much grace, peace and respect.’ – NP, Adelaide, from Life Shift Healing/Coaching

Working with Iolani has awakened a spiritual side of me that I have been longing to reignite. I am incredibly grateful for the role she has played in my life in recent months, and what I know it will do in the future.”    

’Iolani Grace, The Heart Alchemist, celebrates the human heart, body, mind, soul and spirit personally and professionally as an international healer, teacher, dancer, rebirther and inspired group facilitator for 38 years. ‘Iolani Grace creates and leads a plethora of workshops and retreats offering practical tools for personal empowerment, transformation and self-mastery. Her gifts are in creating sacred spaces for healing, freedom and alchemy of the heart.

‘Iolani Grace facilitates inspiring residential ‘Journeys to Freedom’ and ‘Rite of Passage Bodywork Training Journeys’, Lomilomi Hāloa. Both Journeys are rich in ancient indigenous wisdom and shamanic healing practices. Come to the Journey as you are, leave connected and free.

‘Iolani Grace’s Life Shift Healing/Coaching for individuals and couples guide you to gracefully move beyond fears and challenges, reclaiming personal power to live a life of love.

‘Iolani Grace, The Heart Alchemist
Shamanic Rite of Passage Journeys, Lomilomi Hāloa Training, Life Shift Healing/Coaching, Workshops, Personal Retreats
Mullumbimby, Byron Shire
0447 440 298


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