Go with the Flow Kinesiology, South Golden Beach

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 South Golden Beach

  • Identify the root cause of your health issues and resolve them holistically.

  • Combining traditional Chinese medicine with energetic healing, client-centred counselling, nutrition, homeopathy, and vibrational essences.

  • Providing a nurturing, professional and fully confidential space for healing.

Over the course of a lifetime our body will hold emotional and environmental toxins that have not been addressed or cleared. Often we develop coping mechanisms that disconnect us from our body and eventually lead to health issues and disease.

Barbara utilises holistic kinesiology and mind body medicine to reconnect women with the wisdom of their body to resolve health issues such as: chronic pain; chronic fatigue; anxiety; migraine/headaches; sabotaging thought patterns and subconscious limiting beliefs; insomnia; hormonal and digestive issues.

‘Barbara has a very calm presence and extensive knowledge in so many areas that connect the dots and make sense how/why physical and emotional symptoms are manifested.’ – Ayako Fukuhara

Go with the Flow Kinesiology
South Golden Beach
Barbara Stevens
Dip Holistic Kinesiology, Dip Mind Body Med,
Adv Dip Int Comp Med, Adv Cert Nutritional Counselling, Reiki Practitioner
0404 141 968, barbara@gowiththeflowkinesiology.com


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