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  • Earth Man Foods are premium organic, probiotic foods, created to help optimise the holistic health of people and planet.

  • Enjoy the delicious taste, vitality and strength of Earth Man’s unique Golden Turmeric Honey, Turmeric Tonic, and Aloe Vera Tonic, to help you gain and maintain your optimum health.

In a joyful attempt to restore sublime health and happiness to the planet and its folk, Earth Man Foods are boldly built with aroha (love), awhina (nurture) and a delicious combination of organic ingredients, decades of organics experience and nutritional knowledge…
Plus a healthy dose of surfing, absurdist humour and wonder at the world.

What if you could optimise your health in the first instance, so that your chances of falling ill are greatly reduced? Or what if, when you do get sick, your body’s ability to bounce back to health is greatly enhanced? What if your foods can actually help to increase your fitness, peace of mind, libido, physicality, happiness and contentment?

That’s what the Earth Man is all about: Creating fresh, organic, raw, potent, inspirational, joyful and ethical modern foods for your body, mind and spirit.

Earth Man Foods
29 Duranbah Road, Duranbah
0415 039 618


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