Daniel Raccani, Shamanic Instructor & Practitioner

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South Golden Beach

‘I recommend anyone experiencing/experienced life crisis to go see Dan. Before having my sessions I was quite depressed and stressed, suffering from severe anxiety. On completion of my healing plan I felt a million bucks – like a new man. I could not recommend Dan enough, his work is life changing’ – Colin

Daniel is an international teacher of shamanism and recognised shamanic healer who offers powerful transformative healings for his clients through the shamanic modalities.

Daniel specialises in returning power to his clients through the interaction with spirit guides and utilising such techniques as soul retrieval, extraction of spiritual intrusions, power animal retrieval, chakra re-illumination, distance healing and compassionate spirit release.

His ability is to walk between the worlds of the physical and spiritual, help to assess the wounds of the client’s soul and see the blueprint of their energetic trauma, to bring forth immense healing and wellbeing to their lives. This re-empowerment allows clients a rebirth of sorts, recapturing their birthright of innate wholeness, thus living a more fulfilled existence of peace and harmony.

Daniel Raccani
Certified Shamanic Instructor & Practitioner
Golden Age Healings
South Golden Beach
02 6680 4568
 Daniel Raccani

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