Catriona Quinn, General Practitioner

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  • Cat is a passionate GP who works alongside her patients to restore health and enhance wellbeing, using an integrative approach and collaborating with other natural and allied health professionals.

  • Helps people find their path to healing and wellness.

  • Offers cosmetic injectables as part of her holistic model of care.

Cat is wonderfully unique because she understands the power of the therapeutic relationship. She is a deeply caring doctor who rejoices in improving the health and happiness of others.

By empowering and educating patients at each stage of the process, Cat provides an holistic framework for real sustainable healing. Along with her extensive medical knowledge, Cat is trained and experienced in homoeopathy and nutrition, with diet and lifestyle interventions forming the foundation of her practice.

Cat specialises in gut health, pre-pregnancy and antenatal care, women’s and children’s health, and mental health. Cosmetic injectables allow confidence and wellbeing to blossom. Friendly discussion, investigation, and collaboration are integral to Cat’s approach, as patients become experts in restoration of their health and achieve the best possible results.

Catriona Quinn
General Practitioner
Mullumbimby Comprehensive Health Centre, 60 Stuart Street
02 6684 1511 (practice) or 0432 490 949
 Catriona Quinn

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