Ayesha Amos, Naturopath

Holistic, person-centred health care incorporating traditional and evidence-based approaches.

Aria, Tantric Life Coach

Tantra training for couples – transform your relationship, become multi-orgasmic and tap into peak states of love, passion, pleasure and sensuality.

Lucy Arnott, Transpersonal Counsellor

Lucy likes to integrate transpersonal counselling, art as medicine and expression, meditative processes and psychodrama to support clients in a person-centred way.

Byron Bay Natural Healing Clinic

A multi-talented, highly skilled, well-trained, widely experienced therapist and compassionate intuitive healer, Anika has been gently assisting people to heal for more than 30 years.

Coastal Cosmetic Doctors, Ocean Shores

Coastal Cosmetic Doctors is locally owned and operated by two experienced female General Practitioners and Skin Cancer doctors, who are now offering services in their passion area of aesthetic medicine.

Sandra Davey, Kinesiology

Sandra Davey has been practising kinesiology for more than 17 years and holds multiple kinesiology qualifications.

Tracey Ann Foster, Naturopath, Beautician, Healer

Tracey has a Bachelor of Naturopathy and has developed a reputation as one of Byron’s best massage therapists. In addition to that, Tracey is a qualified beautician and metaphysical practitioner.

Good Skin Clinic

The Good Skin Clinic’s highly trained professionals are shining the light on a whole new way of addressing skin disease.

Katherine Hay, Clinical Nutritionist

Kaptured Nutrition was an idea born from Katherine’s mantra: ‘Encompassing holistic health with adventure, nutritional medicine, wellbeing, using food as medicine, and mindfulness.’

House of Herbs, Byron Bay

The House of Herbs is a walk-in herbal dispensary, offering consultations with a qualified and experienced naturopath.

Kind Counselling

Sensitive, compassionate and skillful help to resolve key issues and live a richer life, in attunement with your essence and gifts.

Belle McPhee, Herbalist, Gut Health, GAPS Practitioner

Belle McPhee is an experienced herbalist and certified GAPS practitioner who works with all areas of gut health, inflammatory conditions, hormonal imbalance, auto-immunity, depression, anxiety, and other psychological conditions.

Mullum Herbals

Dedicated to ongoing scientific updates in the world of herbal medicine.

Catriona Quinn, General Practitioner

Cat is a passionate GP who works alongside her patients to restore health and enhance wellbeing, using an integrative approach and collaborating with other natural and allied health professionals.

‘Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes’

Ingrid has helped hundreds of people like you to stop smoking in the past eight years. She backs it up with a lifetime guarantee to help you to feel confident of quitting cigarettes.

Sally Roe, Art Therapist

As a qualified art therapist and artist, Sally passionately believes creativity is the catalyst for transformation.

David Smith, Dental Prosthetist

30+ years’ experience including Implant Retained and Precision Stabilised Abe Technique and Precision Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS) dentures.

Carolyn Tyrer, Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner

Resonance Repatterning® assists to clear the beliefs, behaviours and negative emotions that have created limitations in our life – a very deep healing therapy that works on all levels, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Vital Choices, Lismore

In his years of searching for an escape from long-term addiction, depression and PTSD, David discovered that the element of consciousness was a missing component in sustainable addiction recovery.

Sahar Zadah, Wellness and Life Coach

Sahar Zadah provides integrative wellness programs, workshops and retreats that take you on a transformational journey of empowerment, connection and discovery of self.