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‘For over 50 years I suffered with a life-threatening heart condition known as tachycardia, which would see me rushed to hospital. Doctors couldn’t help much. My friend recommended Anika. I really didn’t think she could help. But in our second session Anika discovered the cause, which was not physical! After that I was sold and after eight sessions, working in with my GP, I am free of this condition…’ – G Penshurst

A multi-talented, highly skilled, well-trained, widely experienced therapist and compassionate intuitive healer, Anika has been gently assisting people to heal for more than 30 years. She enjoys facilitating healing for others in a gentle, caring and supportive way and empowering them towards their health and happiness.

Anika assists your body to show you the obstacles and blockages still keeping you from health and happiness. She specialises in accurate testing of all of your bodies (physical and energetic) to find out your body’s desired treatment plan for your issue. This can include any eastern, western or alternative therapy that you and Anika may be aware of. Anika is happy to refer you where and when required. Anika combines all of her skills, her highly developed intuition and over 300 techniques to correct imbalances in all areas.

Anika Brizuela
Byron Bay Natural Healing Clinic, Suffolk Park
0468 618 288
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