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Byron Bay, Ballina, Mullumbimby, Ocean Shores

‘Assaff tought me how to be aware of my personal surroundings and my personal boundaries. He got me thinking about my life differently than before, and to look closely at what is important to me. Assaff’s encouragement and information was exactly what I needed at the time to empower me to take back my life. A wonderful feeling!’ – Karla Earley

Life Coach Success is a vehicle through which Assaff shares wisdom and tools to help create a better world.

Assaff has the ability to guide a person through challenging times in their life with great ease. His awareness and his intuitive and practical approach to work, and life in general, stands him apart from other coaches. This is so much more than just textbook coaching.

Assaff’s desire is to help the person in front of him reach a level of clear thinking and heartfelt desire for a more successful, peaceful and rewarding life.

Anyone wanting to create a successful and rewarding balance of lifestyle and work would definitely benefit from having coaching sessions with Assaff.

Assaff Eisenberg
Life Coach Success, Byron Bay
0423 464 975
Assaff Eisenberg

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