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Byron Bay and surrounds

  • Tantra training for couples – transform your relationship, become multi-orgasmic and tap into peak states of love, passion, pleasure and sensuality.

  • Hug analysis – understand your signature embrace. Learn to deepen it in order to get more out of life.

  • Tantric life coaching – body-centred life transformation for high achievers.

Our sexual energy is a key determiner of our personality and describes the quality of our life. Like anything, it can be mastered with practice. Sexual life force energy that is developed to be vibrant, strong, potent and magnetic brings enduring confidence and empowerment. Sexual expression that becomes passionate, courageous, generous and authentic will awaken the essence of one’s soul.

This is coaching with a difference for those who hunger for wild success and adventure. Think Anthony Robbins meets ancient erotic temple priestess. It’s for the awakening of revolutionaries, rebel rulers, insatiable seekers and powerful kings and queens – courageous, aspirational and spirited. It’s a potent transformational allegiance for those who are ready to leap.

Allow yourself to be seduced.

Heart and Power, Tantric Life Coaching

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