Discover and maintain health and wellbeing

A guide to practices and practitioners in Byron Bay
and the Far North Coast of NSW

Since the 1960s at least, the northern rivers of New South Wales has been known for its interest in alternative lifestyles and different methods of finding health.

Surfers came seeking freedom in the waves and new settlers arrived to seek freedom in the hills.

The momentum built with the Aquarius festival at Nimbin in 1973. The festival celebrated not only new music – itself seen as a healing force – but also communal lifestyles and the healing methods that sustained them, from organic food to therapies such as acupuncture and massage.

From there the interest flowed out from the hills and into the towns, where the new settlers brought their practices, setting up shopfronts, clinics and stalls at markets for herbalism, homeopathy, massage and much more. This naturally attracted people from the cities seeking a sea change or tree change, some bringing with them even more therapies.

It might seem that with the more recent influx of city folk that the pendulum is swinging back to more conventional approaches. Indeed in these pages there are medical doctors who offer holistic approaches to general practice; however, you will also find practitioners offering more than 100 different healing modalities from Akashic Record Reading to Zen Shiatsu and everything in between.

Take the time to look through the listings. We encourage you try something new – perhaps the first step on a longer healing journey…

‘In the deserts of the heart
Let the healing fountain start’

– W H Auden (1907–1973)